Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The Island of Romance" by Michael James Fry

The Island of Romance


 Michael James Fry

My ship found home at the crack of dawn
    on the Island of Romance.
I began to roam on this dreamlike world
    where rainbows and waterfalls dance.

Passion shouts as my heart reaches out
    to embrace any trace of song or show ~
Dewdrops fall on my eyes like tears;
    Oh, the years and fears of long ago.

As I walk through the trees I sense a sweet breeze
    that will seduce until my death . . .
While I follow the smell my heart tells me
    that this is where we will meet:
       my soul and the breeze of life, your breath.

The air here is thin and yet from within
    I know this is where I belong ~
My breath is alive and I know I’ll survive
    for your breeze preserves my song.

Time fades away as day grows to night,
    the brightest light trickles out from your eyes.
My mind lives free and knows no fright ~
   Our bond is no surprise.

And there you are as fresh as a rose,
    with the moon shining down from above
as bright as a star when your arms enclose me
    to your hair ~ my blanket of love.

It’s as if I were born to make love to you ~
   forever enchanting, the greatest exploration of all.
When two souls become one, what can I do?
    Either rise and cry, or smile and fall.

You seduce me, enhance me . . .
    You hypnotize me and romance me ~
       My soul is trapped in your heart.

Fate dealt me this hand
and I hope I’ve played it well;
it brought me to this land instead of hell ~

Together forever and never apart.

And here we are ~
after having travelled so far.
Me, a lonely sailor, guided by your star,
and you ~ The Mother of The Island of Romance.


~Michael James Fry
   New York City
Circa 1991